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NJEA / OCVTEA Membership

As per the OCVTEA By-Laws, the OCVTEA Membership committee is chaired by Eileen Verde, OCVTEA Treasurer. The OCVTS district is a "closed-shop" where members eligible for OCVTEA membership are required to pay NJEA and OCVTEA dues. However, members may elect not to be a member of the association, but are still obligated to pay 85% of member dues. This is due to the fact that the member will still receive all benefits, salary and contractual gains through the collective bargaining process.

Current NJEA membership information from the NJEA web site can be found by clicking on the provided link below. If you should require additional information, contact your building representative or you may contact Gerald at gLuchs@mail.ocvts.org.


About NJEA Membership

NJEA membership is open to any individual who is employed in a public school or college. (EDITORS NOTE: This may be affected by how many hours you are working. Please contact your building representative with questions.)

To become an NJEA member: