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Teachers and Service Professionals of the Year!


Michael Carlo, Guidance Counselor, Jackson Center, Education Service Professional

Patricia DeAnni, Instructor of EO Career Dynamics, Brick Center

John Fogerty, Individualized Academic Support, Jackson & Toms River Centers

Gabriella Grant, Teacher of English, Grunin Performing Arts Academy

Daniel Hippe, Teacher of Introduction to Security, Academy of Law & Public Safety

Jay Houle, Instructor of EO Auto Servicing, Jackson Center

Jennifer Hudak, Teacher of English, Mates Academy



Nicholas Brion, Mathematics Instructor (ALPS)

Brian Coen, Physical Education Instructor (MATES)

Cyndi Daullary, School Nurse, Education Service Professional (Toms River)

Christopher Ehrhardt, DVC/Print Shop Instructor (Brick)

Joanne Linderoth, School Nurse, Education Service Professional (Jackson)

Keith Pobuta, Computer Service Repair/Intro to Computer Hardware Instructor (Toms River)

Daniel Wellner, Spanish Instructor (GPAA)



Michael Baiata, Physical Education Instructor (PAA)

Benjamin Cilley, Science Instructor (ALPS)

Shari DeGregorio, Cosmetology Instructor (Jackson)

Debra Gall, Cosmetology Instructor (Toms River)

Daniel McCormack, Automotive Technology Instructor (Brick)

Ruth Wolf, Spanish Instructor (MATES)



Douglas Bollinger, Theatre Instructor (PAA)

Carey Glidden, Fashion Design & Merchandising Instructor (Brick)

Theresa Buz, Mathematics Instructor (Toms River/JDC)

Kara Gerick, English Instructor (ALPS)

Kirk Goebel, Architecture Instructor (Jackson)

Kelly Kelsey, Science Instructor (MATES)